Supagas Customer Site Decanting
At Supagas we pride ourselves on supplying quality services and products all while maintaining the ‘Yes We Can’ attitude. Our customers get what they need when they need it. The safety of our customers is paramount to our business and we aim to provide our customers with quality training regarding the safe use of our products. All customer site staff members that wish to perform the decanting procedure, and / or conduct decant training with their staff members, must first attend a Supagas Decanting Demonstration and complete the ‘Customer Site Designated Decanting Trainer (CSDDT) - Sign-off’.

Customer Resources
It is recommended that all staff that are involved in the decanting procedure and / or involved in the training of staff in the decanting procedure review the information below.

Supagas Decanting Video (8:18min)
Watch the steps required to safely perform the Decanting procedure.

Are you decanting safely? Video (6:18min)
This video looks at what can happen if the decanting steps are not followed.

Decanting - Additional Information
Any staff member wishing to take on the role of Customer Site Designated Decanting Trainer (CSDDT) should become familiar with the information presented in this document.

Decanting - Self-Assessment
Staff members that wish to take on the duties as the CSDDT can test their knowledge by completing the questions in the Self-Assessment document.

Decanter - Trainee Demonstration Assessment and sign-off
This document is to be used by the CSDDT to assess the abilities of their staff and record that training has been completed.

Decanting Instructions
This information should accessible to all staff that are required to complete the decanting procedure. A copy of the instructions should be kept at the decanting site whenever decanting is being conducted.

Supagas Sign-Off
(Supagas Representative) CSDDT - Sign-Off
Once you have attended a Supagas Decanting Demonstration with a Supagas Representative, we will list you as the Customer Site Designated Decanting Trainer.

Complete Decant Training Package

Additional Information
LP Gas Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

45kg Cylinder Delivery and ConnectionPeer Assessment

For additional information regarding the training package please feel free to get in contact with one of our staff.