Helium Super Gas Hire

Helium Super Gas Hire

Are you seeking a helium gas hire service that won’t burden the wallet and ensure that you get your job completed accurately? Have you tried alternative companies to no avail? If you answered positively to the above, you are in the right place! Supagas administer all gas services and helium gas hire services for residential, industrial and even commercial use. Supagas supplies high purity and ultra-high purity Helium. Helium gas is 97% pure and is very versatile. It can be used for balloon inflation, optical fiber manufacturing and leak detection.



Knowledge plays a pivotal role in the gas supplying industry. Our team of leading technicians and personnel are adequately trained to handle all circumstances in regard to helium gas hire, LPG gas supplies, acetylene gas supplies and many more. Our array of gas services and extensive experience in the field is extraordinary, as well as the ability of our personnel to perform efficiently with transportation and supplying cost effective Helium gas hire services to all our clients.



Prompt Helium gas hire services are hard to come by in today’s era. By ensuring that all our products are created and stored with perfection, we have a team dedicated for quality control. This stabilises our reputation and propels our professionalism. Supagas’ production facility has a contemporary laboratory and improved capabilities which is NATA accredited. This enables Supagas to mix and analyse and provide certification on a range of gas mixtures manufactured to customer specifications. We administer exceptional, top-range helium gas throughout Australia and ensure their exceptional quality.



We endeavour to constantly advance our procedures and ensure that our clients are supplied with state of the art Helium gas hire services that will be beneficial. With the constant evolution of technological procedures that have penetrated all industries, Supagas is improving their gas creation methodologies and always keeping one step ahead of competition. This is our guarantee towards our clients.

Helium is inert, non-flammable, colourless, odourless and tasteless. We ensure our clients are aware of all the properties of helium and utilise it in a safe manner. Supagas is proud to announce that we are the industry leading professionals that administer high quality helium gas. For more information on our gas distribution services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.