Terms and Conditions



(To be completed by applicant for personal or commercial credit)

PRIVACY ACT 1988 (Cwlth.)

Credit information may be given to a credit reporting agency

I/WE understand that section 18E (8)(c) of the Privacy Act (the Act) allows the above credit provider (hereinafter Supagas) to give a credit reporting agency certain personal information about me/us and I/we authorise Supagas to do so. The information that may be given is covered by Section 18E (1) of the Act and includes:

  • Permitted identification particulars
  • That no amounts are now overdue
  • The amount of credit applied for
  • Cheques drawn by me/us which have been dishonoured twice
  • That Supagas is a current credit provider to me/us
  • That in the opinion of Supagas that I/we have committed a serious credit infringement
  • Amounts overdue more than 60 days
  • That credit provided to me/us by Supagas has been paid or discharged credit information may be obtained
  1. To enable Supagas to assess my/our application or any addition thereto I/we authorise Supagas
    • to obtain a report about my/our commercial activities or credit worthiness from a business which provides commercial credit worthiness information
    • to obtain a report containing personal / consumer credit information about me/us from a credit reporting agency

  2. If it is considered relevant to collecting amounts overdue by me/us in respect of commercial credit provided, I/we authorise Supagas to obtain a credit report containing personal / consumer information from a credit reporting agency.

Information may be exchanged with our credit providers

I/We authorise Supagas to give to and obtain from credit providers named in the application to Supagas or in credit report, information as permitted by the Act about
me/us including my/our credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, or credit history.

In this application to RENEGADE GAS PTY LTD T/A SUPAGAS NSW AND SUPAGAS QLD (Supagas) for a credit account IT IS HEREBY AGREED AND/OR DECLARED; that all information given herein is true; that the term of payment are 30 days from date of the Supagas monthly statement; that title to and property in the goods shall not pass from Supagas until full payment is made for those goods; that if our products are used in the normal course of business, you are required to hold in trust a proportion of the proceeds of any sale of new goods for RENEGADE GAS PTY LTD T/A SUPAGAS NSW AND SUPAGAS QLD and the applicant FURTHER AGREES; to pay all legal and/or collection costs incurred by Supagas in attempting to obtain payment of moneys owing to or recovery of goods hired from Supagas; to pay the account service fee charged by Supagas from time to time (currently 0.5% per month on overdue moneys with a minimum charge of $5.50 per month); to notify Supagas within 14 days of any change of proprietorship, legal entity, management control or business address or any insolvency proceedings under bankruptcy and/or companies legislation which have been commenced or proposed; that the signatories hereto are authorised to make this application and give the information requested.

Applicable law: The applicable law shall be the law of the State of New South Wales and the parties hereto agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of New South Wales.

Disputes regarding quantities of cylinders and equipment held by the customer

I/We acknowledge that all cylinder(s) and equipment rented by me/us is/are the sole property of Renegade Gas Pty Ltd and that title to the equipment is never transferred.

All equipment that I/we have received is our/my responsibility. We agree to compensate Renegade Gas Pty Ltd for all lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed equipment.

Compensation shall be at replacement value and the schedule of value of cylinders as published on the reverse of the Supagas monthly invoice/statement should be used as a guide to the replacement value of cylinders and equipment. This may be revised from time to time.

I/We acknowledge that no title in the lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed equipment will pass to the hirer in the event of recovery or reinstatement of the equipment AND it will be at the absolute discretion of Renegade Gas Pty Ltd to repay any compensation paid by the hirer.

I/We acknowledge that signed delivery dockets or electronic records shall be deemed to be proof of delivery in the event of a dispute regarding the quantity of Supagas cylinders and other equipment hired by the customer.

Waiver: No provision hereof and no breach of any provision shall be deemed waived by reason of any previous waiver of any breach hereof.

Return of goods

With respect to the credit sale, should the Customer return any Goods which are not defective or incorrectly supplied, the Company may, in its absolute discretion,

  • Accept the return of the goods and provide a credit for the value of the Goods to the Customer account.
  • ii. Apply a restocking fee, iii. Refuse to grant any credit to the customer’s account should the manufacturer of the Goods not accept their return. iv. Reduce any credit provided to the Customer’s account or reject such Goods as are not in their original packages or are in any way damaged, shop-soiled or obsolete, PROVIDED THAT the Company will not accept the return of non-standard Goods or Goods designed to Customers specifications.

With respect to a Hire Contract, at the termination of hire all Goods shall be returned to the company in good condition excepting only fair wear and tear. All Goods shall be deemed in good condition unless the Company notifies the Customer to the contrary within 72 hours of delivery of Goods. The customer shall on demand pay in respect of any goods damaged or not so returned the then current selling price for the Goods. Until such sum is paid, hire charges shall continue to accrue together with any and all other expenses incurred by the Company as a result of such shortages or losses. The Customer’s responsibility for the preservation and safekeeping of the Goods shall not be determined until the Goods are physically handed over to the Company by the Customer.

Conditions of Quotation of Sale and Hire