Acetylene Gas Cylinder and Refill

Acetylene gas cylinder, Refill gas cylinder


Alleviate the constant and repetitive frustration of having faulty heating systems, damaged cylinders and even malfunctioning gas bottles. With extensive experience and a drive to ensure all our Acetylene gas cylinder are engineered to perfection, our team here at Supagas ensure impeccable functionality and exceptional quality with all our Acetylene gas cylinder and refill services that accompany. Our passion and dedication stems from manufacturing our own products and Acetylene gas cylinders that will surely impress all clients. We build our reputation on constantly improving our methodologies and advancing our gas products and strive to achieve the utmost highest level of client satisfaction, by administering state of the art Refill gas cylinder services.



  • Cost effective heating and gas supply solutions.
  • Industry leading gas production methodologies.
  • Accredited staff members and a team of experts.
  • Wide range of products and gas types to suit.
  • Prompt and professional service.
  • Efficient delivery and zero hassle policy.
  • Impeccable client relationship and rapport.
  • High level of quality control to ensure great super gas.
  • Extensive experience within the field.
  • Knowledgeable team, combined with technicians.
  • Equitable pricing for your gas needs.
  • Prompt Acetylene gas cylinder service.
  • Efficient Refill gas cylinder service.


If you are seeking a devoted, reliable and accredited Acetylene gas cylinder installation team that works around the clock to ensure fluidity and client satisfaction, then seek no longer. Supagas is your number one choice and have vast experience in fitting, installing and promptly assisting all clients with their Acetylene gas cylinder needs. For further information, please browse our website or drop us a call to obtain your personalised quote, today !