Supa Alloy 50 8.8m3 Cylinder

Product Code - SS50 8.8m3
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Supa Alloy 50 8.8m3 Cylinder

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Supa Alloy 50 is a mix of Helium, CO2 and Argon. It is used for MIG welding of carbon & mild steel.


  • Pressure retention side entry valve prevents contaminants from entering the cylinder & ensures the purity of the gas.
  • Industrial applications
  • MIG welding
  • Welding
Cylinder Contents m3 (101.325kPa @ 15°C) 8.8
Approx. Height (mm) 1510
Approx. Width/Diameter (mm) 230
Water Capacity per Cylinder (L) 50
Average Weight (full) kg 73
Average Weight (empty) kg 58
Outlet Connection AS 2473 Type 10
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