CO2 22Kg Vapour Cylinder

Product Code - CO2 22Kg
Cylinder Size - F
Colour - Green Grey
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CO2 22Kg Vapour Cylinder

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CO2 is an extremely versatile gas with many applications. Supagas supplies food grade CO2 with purity grade of 99.95%.

  • Beer dispensing
  • Restaurants
  • Soft drink dispensing
  • Welding
  • Wine dispensing
Cylinder Contents kg 22
Approx. Height (mm) 1335
Approx. Width/Diameter (mm) 215
Water Capacity per Cylinder (L) 34
Average Weight (full) kg 49
Average Weight (empty) kg 27
Cylinder Pressure (kPa @ 15°C) Nominal pressure 4,500 (filled by weight)
Outlet Connection AS 2473 Type 30

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